Whats Does Your Eyes Shape Say About Your Personality


It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul.  The shape of your eyes can say many things about your personality. In this article you will find out what does your eyes say about your personality according with old Chinese culture.

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Everybody is different and have different shape of eyes. In Chinese culture were identified four types of eye shapes: tiger, dragon, chamois and peacock eyes. Let’s find out what kind of eyes and personality do you have.

  1. Tiger eyes 

The oval shape of the eye of the tiger shows logic and tenacity. You always make plans and listen  your mind rather than the heart. So, you are a very rational person. When the eyes of the tiger are very narrow, they are called  fox eyes. They were considerate by the ancient Chinese as a sign of cunning. Another option is the bird’s eye, which is almost a triangular shape and often have the upper eyelid fallen. They indicate much cunning and the tendency to involve in other’s business.

  1. Dragon eyes

Dragon Eyes are large and  in almond shape. They show that you have a strong personality and that exceeds any obstacles with a lot of courage. You  are also sociable, charming, generous and very creative.

  1. Chamois eyes

Chamois eyes are large and round and reflect an open and honest mind. You have a very direct manner of approach.
It is difficult to keep secret.

  1. Peacock eyes 

Peacock eyes have the outside corners a little bit high and seem almost rectangular. They reveal a personality dominated by emotions that is  sensitive and romantic. When your feelings are ignored you are easily hurt. Peacock eyes that are narrow are showing possessiveness.[/expand]