What Does It Mean If You Have These Three Lines On Your Hand?


The personality of a person can be deciphered by certain physical aspects. What would you say if the future can be predicted simply by observing your wrists? Do you have three lines on your wrist? You need to know that!

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Esoterists and body-analysis experts claim that people with three wrist lines on their right hand, are enjoying a good life.

The first line under the wrist represents the period from 23 to 28 years, the second line the ages of 46-56 years, the third line 69-84 years, and the fourth line (extremely rare) over 84 years.

If these lines are long, it means you have a strong health and you will not face any major problems.

The second line represents the expectations of wealth. If the second line is very long, it means you will have a lot of money. If the lines are not clear and separate in different directions, financial challenges may be reported. These people have to fight a lot for their own happiness.

Moreover, people that have the fourth line, mean that they will have one love, the one that will last the whole life. If all the lines are straight, uninterrupted, it means you have a life without worries. How many lines do you have on your right wrist?