Using a Skin Exfoliant – An Amateur’s Guide


Using a skin exfoliant is essential, but it is also important how to use a skin exfoliant. Skin constantly renews itself by replacing dead cells with new cells. These dead skin cells are sloughed off naturally, making way for the new ones.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Every minute, about 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells are exfoliated. However, factors like old age will affect the flaking away of your dead skin cells, thereby creating a dull, patchy-looking skin.

Essentially, they lead to clogged pores, consequently, causing adult acne which may take off the charm out of your radiant skin. Nevertheless, there are several exfoliants available in the market that can rid dead cells off your skin. Both the following exfoliants have their pros and cons, a learned decision helps you pick the right product for your skin.

Using a Skin Exfoliant – An Amateur’s Guide

Mechanical Exfoliant

They’re you typical products that scrub off those dead cells from your skin. You can buy these products from any drugstore, they’re readily available everywhere. The advantages of such products are that they are ready to use products which are also easy to use. These cleansers are perfect for people with oily skin and acne, because they remove dead cells and debris that clog the pores. But, rubbing them hard can be harsh to your skin and can cause serious damage. Some of these products are actually so hard that they can cut your skin, leaving a permanent scar on your face.

Chemical Exfoliant

The sophisticated versions of mechanical exfoliants are chemical exfoliants. These products are mild on your skin and do not cause damage unlike their mechanical cousins. Basically, there are two types of chemical exfoliants viz. alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta hydroxy acid (BHA). Alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid skin care products tend to be less harsh on the skin than mechanical exfoliants. They also help refresh the skin in ways a facial scrub can’t: They lower the skin’s pH level and help smooth small, shallow wrinkles, improving the look of skin that is dry or sun damaged.[/expand]