Top 4 Winter Natural Masks


Winter natural masks are indispensable because the low temperatures during this season affects almost everybody skin. In this period we have to pay more attention in how we take care of our skin.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

To pass more easily over  winter and its terribly cold, there are a large number of natural masks for your skin. I will suggest you a several  winter natural masks that I consider them to be the most efficient:

Top 4 winter natural masks

1. Winter natural masks for every type of skin:

Natural mask with banana: Take a quarter of a banana, crush  it until you obtain a nourishing cream (about a teaspoon), then add lemon juice and olive oil (3 drops). This mask is recommended especially for people with dry skin on the face and hands during the winter.

Natural mask with cheese: Mix not very fat cottage cheese (2 teaspoons) with strong brewed tea (one teaspoon) and linseed oil (a teaspoon). Leave the mask about 10 minutes then rinse it with warm water.

2. Winter natural masks for skin rejuvenation:

Natural mask with gelatin: Pour gelatin(10 g)  into cold water, stir and allow to stand for an hour to swell. Then add zinc oxide (10 g) and glycerol (40 g). Heat all this ingredients and leave them to cool. To bring the mask at a liquid consistency it can be heated in a steam bath. Apply the mask on the face using a gauze.

Natural mask with lemon: Mix the lemon juice (one teaspoon) with a fat cream (a teaspoon) and cream (half a teaspoon). Leave it to action at least 10 minutes then rinse the mask with warm water.

3. Winter natural mask for oily skin:

Natural mask with egg: Beat the yolks and mix with lemon juice (one teaspoon), with  finely chopped lemon peel and with bran (2 teaspoons). After using this mask you will see that the excess of sebum will disappear.

4. Winter natural masks for dry skin:

Natural herbal mask: Mix chamomile, plantain and mint (a teaspoon of each) and boil them, then add potato starch (a teaspoon). Herbal mask will help those who noted the excessive flaking of the skin in winter: moisturizes and eliminates the feeling of tightness.

Natural mask with apple: Mix apple juice (one teaspoon) with cheese (2 teaspoons), with half of egg yolk and camphor oil (a teaspoon). Apply the mask obtained on your face.[/expand]