Our skin needs care this in why we need to apply scrubs for body and face regularly. Cosmetologists says that scrubs helps in exfoliating dead skin layers, tones it and improves the peripheral vasculature and prevents hair growing under the skin. [expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Natural scrubs are healthy and doesn’t contains Es that  holds them packaged like the ones from the market. This is why I advise you to use natural solutions. The scrub that you prepare at home, you know for sure what ingredients contains and how fresh it is.

1. Coffee  natural scrub

Coffee scrub recipe is very simple. Mix the cofee with honey. Apply the scrub obtain on the body and massage it. The procedure is perfomed after you have a shower or bath beacause the skin has to be clean. Leave the cofee on your body few minutes.  This scrub will male your skin very soft. Also, the  cofee is fighting with cellulite very effectively when is mixed with olive oil ( you can see the article ” Homemade cellulite scrub)

2. Corn flour natural scrub

In a glass container mix 4 tablespoons of corn flour with 2 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate. Do not add water in container.  When you are going to use the scurb, pur water in your hand over the mixture and massage gently your body. If you find this scrub too hard,  you can combine it with shower gel.  It’s a very effective scrub, one of the most popular natural scrubs.

3. Brown sugar natural scrub

Mix brown sugar with honey. Apply the composition obtained on body and face and massage as long as it’s necessary. Rinse the skin with warm water. You can also use the white sugar, though the brown one is recommended.[/expand]