The Reason You Should Rub Your Armpits With Listerine


Well, the real truth is that you might use Listerine just as a mouthwash, but its inventors have a lot more in their minds. Do you know that Listerine, which was invented in 1879, was first developed as a surgical antiseptic and, historically, used for all sorts of things? Here is the reason you should rub your armpits with listerine.

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You should also know that it wasn’t introduced on the market for bad breath until the 1970s! And with so many ingredients in Listerine – like thyme, eucalyptus and alcohol – no wonder this product is used in many creative ways.

RubĀ  your armpits

Have you ever finished your deodorant in a totally inappropriate moment? Well, if the answer is yes, then you don’t have to worry! Why?… because Listerine is great for combating bad odors under the arm whenever you’re in such a bad moment. Here’s what you need to do – just pour Listerine on a cotton pad and gently rub it under your arm. This amazing tricks will save you day, until you buy a new deodorant.

Moreover, I will present you other great tricks when you can use Listerine

Soak your feet in it

Did you know that Listerine can get rid of foot fungus? This trick in very simple – just take a bath and them soak your feet in Listerine for half hour. Or, you can add a little white vinegar for very special cases.

Pour it in the toilet

Yes, you should know that Listerine can clean and scent your toilet bowl. All you have to do is pour a little mouthwash into the toilet and rub with the brush. Not only will you clean your toilet, but you will also give it a glow and a great smell.

Tampon the mosquito bites

Yes, you will be shocked when I will tell you that if you put Listerine on insect bites you can get rid of itching quickly. Experts recommend using it for itch.[/expand]