The Reason You Should Add Pepper In Your Washing Machine


We all like to buy new clothes, but also to have them in a good shape for a long time, without changing the color or texture. It happens to wear some clothes just 2 times and already notice that the color fades.

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And know it’s frustrating to spend so much money on some clothing items and to wear it just 2 times. So, today I will provide you an weird, but very effective tricks to save your clothes.

I was looking for the best solution for this annoying problem and guess what I have discovered? The white pepper!

How to apply this method: add 1 tablespoon of white pepper in the detergent dose you use to wash wash your clothes. Wash the clothes at very low temperature.

You will maybe find this trick weird, but pepper strengthens the effect of any laundry detergent and is effective even in cleaning sweat stains. This can exfoliate stains from your favorite shirt, giving it a new look. So, from now on, pepper will be your ally against stains! Do not hesitate to use it!