The Organs Map From Your Face Can Reveal What Part of Your Body Is Sick


Your face can hide a true map when it comes to the diseases you may suffer in the moment or to which you are prone. Learn to read it!

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1. Eyes. It could mean common problems, intestinal problems or problems with the thyroid gland. How can you read diseases in your eyes? Small irises indicate common problems, and white iris can indicate that the joints are in a degenerative condition. An iris with spots can mean the poor absorption of nutrients in the intestines. If you notice a ring of light around the iris, you need to reduce sugar and salt consumption because it indicates that you have an excess in your body. A yellowish color in the eye may indicate a weak liver.

2. The lower part of the eyes. It could mean kidney failure. Eyes and eyelids slightly swollen, indicate renal insufficiency.

3. Cheeks. It could mean a slow metabolism, low nutrient absorption, lung problems. Palsy cheeks may indicate poor metabolism and low absorption of nutrients such as folic acid and iron. In addition, your cheeks are also linked to lung function, so you need to pay more attention to breathing and consider to introduce in your routine some breathing exercises.

4. Lower lip. It could mean problems with intestines and digestion. The lower lip can provide key signs for bowel function. If brown spots appear on it, it means that you have indigestion, as well as the possibility of having parasites in the large intestine. Adding more probiotics to your diet can help.

5. Tongue. It could mean lung problems and many toxins in the body. Tongue is the first place in terms of showing internal disturbances, which is why you should look at it every morning. The circular white residue in the middle or back of the tongue indicates an accumulation of toxins in the intestines or colon, which means that it may be time for a detox.

6. Nose. It could mean blood and heart problems. The nose is closely connected to the circulatory system, so if you have rashes in that area, it means there is a problem with your blood pressure. That’s why you must have a multitude of essential fatty acids in your diet: avocado, olive oil etc.  Avoid alcohol, coffee and spicy foods.

7. Forehead. It could mean problems with biliary bladder and liver problems. Try to reduce the amount of processed foods and fat in your diet.[/expand]