How To Take A Shower Properly And Why


Taking a shower for most of the people is one of the life’s pleasures. A good shower can make your day/night better, can relax you and make you feel wonderful. In my opinion taking a shower it is not just a way to wash your body, it’s a good way to wash your mind too.

Yes, you read well. The shower has its secrets, is not just a cleaning exercise. A quick walk through shower by soaping your body and rinse it is not called a proper shower. It’s a simple washing. A right way to take a shower has its rules. It’s worth to know how to make a real shower.

In this article I will provide you some important tips & tricks about how to take a shower properly and why. I’m sure you will feel better after you will take a shower if you follow the advice.

  1. From an early age we are taught that we must to take a daily hot shower with soap and rubbing our skin lot as much is possible using a sponge to get rid of dangerous microorganisms from our body and to have smooth skin. This is a wrong way to take a shower.Hot hot water is dangerous for our hearts and it is recommended to wash your body with warm water. Also, it is not recommended to use sponge because we remove an important layer of skin that protect us from bacteria and infections.
  2. Also, when you take a shower, it is not recommended to exfoliate your skin every day. The excess of exfoliation can make your skin oily and this is how you build the perfect home for bacteria.
  3. Don’t wash your teeth while you take a shower. When you make to many things in the same time, you risk to make them in a bad way. So, your teeth need more attention when you wash them. If you do it at shower, it is very possible to do it wrong.
  4. While you take a shower, relax!