Sugar Scrub or Salt Scrub – Which One We Should Use And When


Using a scrub is absolutely necessary if you want to maintain your skin soft, smooth and beautiful. Natural scrubs are the most recommended. These scrubs exfoliate your skin in a natural way, removes dead cells and disinfects the skin.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

It is very easy and fast to prepare at home a natural scrub.

There are  so many recipes of homemade natural scrubs, but not of them are suitable for all the parts of your body. There are designed for different problems for the skin. It is very important how you mix the ingredients when you prepare a scrub. Yo should be aware of your skin problems when you prepare a homemade scrub.

The most common ingredients when you prepare a scrub are sugar and salt. Although sugar scrub and salt scrub are very effective and seem the same, they are not. You should’n use salt instead sugar. In this article you will find out the benefits of sugar and sea salt and when we should use them.

Salt scrub or sugar scrub?

When you use a salt scrub, it is very important the type of salt you use. I recommend you to use sea salt. Table salt is not effective for the skin. Because sea salt is very granulated, you should use it only on the dry parts of your body. I personally do not use it on the face. Do not use sea salt scrub on the sensitive parts of your body.

Unlike the salt scrub, sugar scrub can be prepared both with table or unrefined, brown sugar. Because sugar is not so granulated, can be use both on dry and sensitive areas. So, you can use sugar scrub on your face. Brown sugar is more abrasive than table sugar, but still you can use it on your face.

Another difference is that sugar scrub can be use 2-3 times per week, while sea salt scrub can be used one time per week.[/expand]