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9 Things you should never put in the microwave


The microwave is famous for its ability to heat food. But, you must know that you can’t put anything inside the microwave. There are products and materials that can dirty or even damage it.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

1. Chilli peppers –  Don’t put them in the oven! They’ll fire, and when you open the oven, released chemicals will irritate your eyes and burn your throat. Don’t play with that!

2 Eggs –  The inside temperature favors egg production. Basically, it will explode quickly and will get dirty the whole oven.

3. Plastic casseroles (especially thin) – Avoid heating in plastic recipients because of toxic fumes. If, however, you risk heating your food in plastic recipients, do it at least in thicker recipients. Otherwise, you will also eat plastic!

4. Metal plates – Metal should never be in the microwave. Heats up and sparks. The oven will malfunction. Take good care of the porcelain plates that might have metal.

5. Fruits – Some fruits don’t stand strong heat and will explode!

6. Aluminum foil – Any metal, including aluminum foil, can destroy your microwave oven. Maybe even a fire may be triggered.

7. Thermos cups – If are made of stainless steel, it will block the heat (which will no longer reach coffee or tea) and will destroy your oven.

8. Any container with hermetic closure. Whatever you heat in the oven, don’t put the lid on it!

9. Empty oven. Even if you don’t put anything in the microwave and start the heating while it is empty, it is not good. Because there is no food to absorb the microwaves, they can destroy the oven.

In order to protect your health, it’s advisable to follow these tips. In this way, you can also avoid some unexpected accidents and you can also save the money for a new microwave in case you destroy it. Hope this information it’s useful![/expand]

How to wash a pillow


Do you have quality, but old pillows? Don’t throw them away, especially if they have sentimental value or if you feel very comfortable with them! No matter how dirty is your favorite pillow, you have a perfect solution to clean it.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Many of us know that the pillows, especially the classic, made of flakes, are very pretentious to water. You can’t wash them using any method! Incorrect washing and drying, they can become impracticable. So what do you do with the dirt stored over time on their surfaces? Simple! Apply the method below.

You need:

– a glass of laundry detergent;

– a glass of dishwashing detergent;

– a glass of bleach;

– 1/2 cup of boric acid;

– hot water.


1. Put 3-4 liters of water to boil (depending on the capacity of the machine).

2. Put all the ingredients above in the washing machine along with the boiling water.

3. Place the pillows in the washing machine at a normal program and at the maximum temperature.

4. Dry the pillows outdoor or in the dryer (the synthetic pillows should be dried at low temperature). Don’t put pillows on the wire! They will deform. Before drying, you have to unfold the balls of the flakes that have formed in the pillow. Once every few hours, shake the pillows, beat them and check that there are not stuck flakes between them.

I assure that this method doesn’t fail. Your favorite cushion will look like new! In my opinion, step four it’s the most important, in order to have the same old shape of the pillow, after washing it.[/expand]

Amazing way to remove negative energy from your home


The things are not going well in your life? Do you get sick very fast? Do you have financial problems? It is very possible that the place where you work (where you live) is filled with negative energies that block your ability to overcome problems.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Some do not believe in energies, either it’s about it positive or negative energies. True, these energies are not palpable, cannot be seen, but they can be felt and shouldn’t be ignored by anyone!

Negative energies usually affect people with a high level of sensitivity. How? Simple enough. It is enough that your workplace or home is repeatedly visited by people with negative attitudes. If you feel like this negative energy destroy your soul and mood, apply this method of fighting against it.

– just sprinkle a little salt in a corner of the room where you spend more time.

– let the salt work for 24 hours.

– after the salt has done its job, sweep it to the exit of the room, and when you get under the holster, pass it on the dustpan (don’t put it directly on the dustpan from the corner of the room), taking care to be completely removed from the room where you sleep.

– after you have swept the salt, don’t throw it into the garbage, but in the water of the toilet bowl.

– repeat the procedure for each room, until the negative energies are completely thrown away.

Explanation: the energy extracted by the salt is dissipated when it comes into contact with water. This is a very simple, and cheap way to remove negative energy in only 24 hours. Of course, there are many methods to remove it.

You can also remove negative energy from your body, using salt as well. Just pout one kilogram of salt in the bathtub and stay in the salty water for 20 minutes. You will feel amazing![/expand]

The simplest method to whiten underwear


Underwear is a strictly personal choice. Some people choose different colors and others prefer white, which, unfortunately, is very difficult to maintain this bright color. Wearing white underwear is not easy. The material gets dirty very fast and, with time, gets shades of gray or green. To be able to keep an immaculate white, you need this simple trick![expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

1. Put warm water in a plastic basin and add the following ingredients: 2 tablespoons of salt, one tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of detergent.

2. Mix the ingredients well and place the underwear in the basin.

3. Leave it soaked for 15 minutes, or half an hour if the fabric is gray.

4. Wash, rinse and dry.

Your underwear will look like new. The stains will disappear and the fabric will harden. The trick can also be used to clean shirts and linen.[/expand]

How to remove wallpaper


Wallpaper is increasingly used in interior decoration. Success is primarily due to the technological advancement of printing. Today, a wide variety of new and traditional models are printed much easier, in a wide range of colors and textures.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

You want to apply a wallpaper, but are not you sure it’s worth it? Don’t be afraid of destroying the paint from the walls when you decide to remove it! We show you 4 safe ways to remove the wallpaper from the walls.

1. Spray water on the edge of the wallpaper and let it penetrate. Then remove the wallpaper from the edges with a plastic scraper. Be careful to start from the bottom of the wall and immediately remove the water drops!

2. Use a steamer. Approach the steam device on the wall on small portions, then remove the wallpaper carefully.

3. Moisten the wallpaper using vinegar. This way of removing wallpaper should be used when the adhesive is too strong.

4. Buy a solution to unglue the wallpaper. Be careful to follow the instructions exactly. This method applies if none of the methods presented above works.

Careful! Whichever method you apply, remember that you need to start from the bottom of the wall and to remove the drops and wallpaper immediately! This is how you avoid staining the wall. Good luck with that! Removing the wallpaper is not as difficult as it seems to be.[/expand]

How to avoid ironing your clothes


Do you wear ironed clothes every day and you are not happy how your outfits look like? Do you leave your blouse on the hanger and find it in the morning on the floor? Do you want to change the outfit in the last minute and your clothes are not ironed?[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

From now on, you don’t have to worry anymore! There are a few tricks that help you to avoid ironing.

1. Steam from the electric kettle. An excellent method for delicate fabrics. Keep your wrinkled coat right on the steam. Soon, the wrinkles will disappear!

2. Steam from the shower. Also for delicate clothes, you can also use steam from the shower! It is not a joke! Put that clothing item on a hanger and hang it in the shower area. In 15-20 minutes, the clothes will look like new!

3. Wet towel. A very effective way for pants! Soak the towel in the water, squeeze it and apply it on the area where the clothes (for example, jeans) are wrinkled. Then put your clothes in the laundry dryer for 15 minutes on a medium program. Your jeans will look impeccable!

4. Hair dryer. Casual dresses can benefit from this simple method. Start the hair dryer and slowly pass it over the wrinkled dress. You don’t need to touch the material, just pass the instrument over it.

5. The hair straightener is effective in the case of shirts. Use it to remove the wrinkles formed on the collar, sleeves, or in the space between buttons. It’s a much faster method than the classic ironing!

These fast and simple tricks can be a lifesaver in many moments. You can use them with confidence and enjoy the results. You can share them with your friends and family. They will be happy to find out that in some moments can skip the ironing.[/expand]

How to choose plants for your bathroom


The bathroom is one of the places where you want to relax after a long and hard day. For great relaxing moments, you need comfort, both physically and mentally. And how to have a better image around, if not decorating the bathroom with the right flowers?[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

There are a number of plants that fit perfectly in the bathroom. Let’s read about them.

1. Orchid creates a beautiful decor in any bathroom. They are suitable for bathroom decoration because they prefer warmth and humidity. They don’t need too much sun, because they don’t prefer the direct light of the sun.

2. Ferns have the gift of invading space. Even without flowers, they are excellent as a decorative element, thanks to the leaves that grow very high.

3. Peace lily (Spathiphyllum). With its bush appearance, it impresses through the long, lance-shaped leaves. Also, the brilliant green will enjoy your eyes as you relax in the bathtub. It’s perfect for the bathroom because it needs abundant moisture, both in the soil and in the atmosphere.

4. Caladium is another suitable plant for your bath. It has marbled leaves and doesn’t need sun at all. Instead, it loves hot and humid air.

5. Goldfish (Columnea) grows ideally in warm, humid and airless places. The optimum temperature for the plant to be perfectly healthy is 12-15 degrees Celsius. Columnea blooms early March. It has flowers with a tubular shape, with variations of color between orange and red. Leaves are dark green and oval.

6. Cactus. It doesn’t need too much water. Moved in the bathroom will not be watered at all. It will take the necessary moisture from the water.

7. Bamboo will feel very good in your bathroom because it loves water and warmth. This plant is said that brings good fortune to its home.

8. Mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria) manages almost any kind of light and doesn’t need special soil. The moisture level in the bathroom will be enough to develop in harmony. Don’t wet it, if you keep it in the bathroom! Too much water will ruin its roots. Even if it is not pretentious, she prefers indirect light.

How to position the plants in the bathroom – Ideal places are those that allow plants to receive as much natural light as possible. The window sill and the inner edge of the bathroom are preferred. You can also hang them on a wall or place them on the ground.[/expand]

Homemade multi-surface recipe to clean your home


House cleaning is a great challenge for anyone. Kitchen and bathroom are the places that should be constantly cleaned. And that’s why most of the people use chemical cleaning products, most of the time, without understanding that they are harmful to the human body.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Fortunately, there are natural alternatives for cleaning the dirt in the house. Today, I will present you a homemade mixture that leaves any surface in your house clean. This is a multi-surface recipe, that is made with natural ingredients and is very effective.

You need:

– 100 grams of baking soda;

– 100 ml of vinegar;

– 100 ml of lemon juice;

– 2 liters of water.


– pour all the ingredients in a container;

– stir well;

– let the mixture soothe. Don’t be afraid of the resulting chemical reaction. It’s a natural reaction that happens between baking soda and vinegar.

– transfer the mixture to a sprayer.

– apply the mixture on the dirty surfaces.

– let the substance act for about 15 minutes.

– gently rub with a sponge, then wipe with a dry cloth. Surface will look like new!

This recipe is an amazing alternative to the products from the market, especially if you have kids or pets.[/expand]

How to unclog a sink without chemicals


The drain from the sink (or shower) will clog, no matter how careful you are to cleaning. The hair, dust and other residues are gathering inside. Over time, if you don’t unclog the drain, the water will not pass.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

I’ll give you some advice: don’t run fast at the supermarket to buy chemicals or I don’t know what a nice smelling substance. We are not sure of efficiency. In addition, the chemicals these substances release are toxic to the body.

If you want to successfully unclog the sink, the ingredients are in your house!

You need:

– 200 gr of salt;

– 200 ml of vinegar;

– 150 gr of baking powder;

– 500 ml of boiling water.

What should you do:

– mix the salt with baking powder;

– carefully pour the mixture into the sink;

– heat the vinegar, easy;

– pour the vinegar into the sink. Immediately there will be a normal chemical reaction that will promote the appearance of a foam.

– pour hot water into the sink. Defeat unclogging is guaranteed![/expand]

How to make natural laundry detergent


Do you want a healthy alternative to the many detergents from the market? Now you have it! Today, I will present you a natural, chestnut-based detergent, a fruit that contains saponins. Saponins are natural substances that produce abundant foam in contact with water. Let’s find out the recipe![expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]


– edible chestnuts;

– essential oil (optional);

– baking soda;

– apple vinegar (for rinsing).

What should you do:

– remove the peel from a handful of chestnuts (10-12 chestnuts) using a knife.

– cut the chestnuts in 4 and boil them in 2 liters of water for 10-15 minutes.

– let the mixture cool down.

– put the obtained solution in a hermetic container and then keep it in a refrigerator.

– use 200 ml of natural detergent for a wash, depending on how dirty is the laundry.

– add a few drops of essential oil to the detergent.

– don’t be afraid to wash with this detergent even the dirtiest clothes. Its powerful action removes the most difficult stains, such as fruit or grass stains.

– for increased efficiency, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda in the washing machine.

– for rinsing, use a natural laundry softener: apple vinegar (with a 5% maximum acidity). Put 100 ml of vinegar in the laundry softener compartment. If you think the vinegar smell is too strong, add another rinsing cycle.[/expand]