Never leave a glass of water next to your bed overnight


You hear all the time that hydrating your body is essential for your health. Nothing more true! But if you’re getting used to drinking water during the night, take care where you keep your drinking water. Here are three reasons you should not put a glass of water near the bed.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

1. Accidents. It’s clear that the glass still doesn’t stay well next to the bed during the night. You could hit it while you sleep. It will spill, and you will destroy your sleep, or worse, you will find out in the morning that the water has infiltrated in parquet. Moreover, if you know that you are one of those people who dream intensely and often falls out of bed, the glass of water shouldn’t be near your bed! Can even be fatal!

2. Negative energies. During sleep, you release the negative energies accumulated over the day. The water seems to attract negative energies from the air. Now, it’s easy to understand that drinking that water you will recharge yourself with negative energy removed during the night.

3. Taste and properties. The water that stays overnight in the glass and is consumed in the morning changes its properties and taste. It will be contaminated with bacteria, which when have reached a wet environment, will multiply very fast.

If you drink water overnight and you need it near your bed, it’s best to have a bottle of water. The plastic bottles are recommended.[/expand]