Natural Juices to Treat and Prevent Anemia


Anemia is a common condition among people worldwide. Is determined by decreasing the number of red blood cells or decreasing the hemoglobin from these cells. The most common causes of anemia are iron-poor diet and a significant amount of blood loss due bleeding.

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In order to be strong and have energy for all the activities and to feel well, I recommend you to take care of your health by using nature as much as you can. In this article you will find some great recipes for a homemade natural juices to treat and prevent anemia.

These juices are rich in iron, being recommended both for treat and prevent anemia and for prevention of iron deficiency.

Natural Juice to Treat and Prevent Anemia based on beetroot, carrot and orange

Beetroot is rich in iron, while carrots contain vitamin B complex that stimulates the formation of red blood cells. Orange as we all know, it has a high content of vitamin C, whose role is to stimulate iron absorption and increase hemoglobin levels.

This juice for anemia  is prepared using a beetroot, a carrot and 6 oranges. The juice is consumed immediately or during the day, while you keep it in the fridge.

Natural Juice to Treat and Prevent Anemia based on spinach, celery and carrot

This natural juice to combat anemia, combat haemolytic anemia. Also, increase the number of platelet. Like carrots, celery is rich in B-complex and vitamin C s, having a high iron content. Spinach, you already know for sure that it contains more iron than any vegetable.

You need 6 carrots, a celery and a few leaves of spinach. Clean celery and carrots and wash well spinach leaves . Cut them all and then put them in the blender. The juice obtained can be used immediately after preparation or the same day. In the latter case, refrigerate the juice.[/expand]