Natural Home Treatments For Nausea


Everyone face with nausea at some point or another. There is a common problem that can occur very often. There are many things that can cause this affection, when you eat too much, or you are too tired etc. Instead of taking pills or staying until the nausea pass, fortunately exist some natural treatments for nausea.

Nausea is a very common symptom that is often described as a sensation of vomiting, the need to vomit. This affection accompanies a wide range of infections, diseases, disorders and injuries of different severity and can occur at any age and in any population.

Nausea may be on short time and disappear quickly, in the case of indigestion, but symptoms can also be lengthy or return on periods of days, weeks or months, as is nausea associated with migraine, cancer, pancreatitis, certain drugs or trauma.

Natural Treatments for Nausea

1. Mint – Mint is a quick and effective remedy against nausea. If your nausea is not so accentuated is enough to smell some mint leaves. In addition, you can drink mint tea, until the nausea disappear. If you are pregmant, avoid to drink big quantities of min tea.

2. Ginger – Ginger is another fast remedy for nausea. It is effective due to its pronounced flavor and because of the substances  that it contains. Ginger tea can be consumed by pregnant women to eliminate morning sickness, and by patients who are on chemotherapy.

3. Lavender essential oil – Lavender is has a calming effect and can help you against nausea. An effective treatment is aromatherapy: pour some drops of lavender essential oil in a handkerchief or a napkin and took a deep breath.

4. Ground cumin seeds – Cumin seeds helps against nausea. Crush them and take a half of teaspoon when you feel worse, but not more than three times a day. Nausea they will pass quickly.

5. Cinnamon  – The substances from cinnamon soothes spasms and the vomiting felling. You can make an infusion of cinnamon to get rid of nausea. If you can, mix a pinch of cinnamon with some honey and take treatment when you feel bad.