Mistakes To Avoid When You Use The Toilet


Do you think you know everything about toilet hygiene? Are you convinced that you don’t make any mistake when you go to the toilet? Read this article to see if it’s true.

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When it comes to personal hygiene, everyone has their own routine. In the bathroom, there are certain gestures adopted by everyone who are not necessarily hygienic. Here are the most common mistakes you should avoid when going to the bathroom!

1. You don’t wash your hands before: Many people make the mistake of not washing their hands before and after going to the bathroom, but this little gesture can actually keep you healthy. Indeed, hands are the main way of transmitting bacteria. Not washing them increases the risk of transmission of these pathogens that can lead to many diseases. Therefore, it’s important to wash your hands before you enter the bathroom, in order to not contaminate your intimate parts, but also after using the toilet, to eliminate any bacteria or germs that have contacted your hands. You must use soap,because the water alone will not get rid of bacteria.

2. You use a wrong posture for the defecation process: Modern toilets have been designed so you can sit comfortably. But this comfortable posture is not the most correct for defecation. Indeed, we sit in a sitting position (90 degrees angle), but this anorectal angle is not suitable for defecation and can exert great pressure on the rectum. The correct position is to sit down, like our ancestors who used Turkish toilets. With the inclined position, easier exhaust is allowed, thus preventing hemorrhoids, which are usually caused by pushing from defecation. This position reduces the need for pushing, making the process much easier.

3. You use hand dryers: A very practical invention, hand dryers are found in the most public toilets. These machines have been designed to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination in sanitary facilities, but are they really hygienic? The answer is no. Hygiene specialists have proven that hand dryers deliver more bacteria than paper towels. The results of an experiment showed that bacteria spread by hand dryers are 27 times more compared to those delivered by disposable towels.