Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make After Sunbathe


Sun exposure can be healthy, but also can be dangerous for our skin. I know that everybody want to have a beautiful tan in summer time, but it is important to know how to take care correctly of your skin. In this article you will learn about the mistakes you shouldn’t make after sunbathe.

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Sun’s UV rays are passing through the epidermis and reach the deeper layers of skin. They stimulate the natural production of vitamin D, and the pigment that gives the brownish color to the skin. We name this process of pigmentation, bronze.  Bronze is actually a natural shield  of the skin against harmful UV rays.

Experts recommend sunbathing in the morning or in the evening when the sun’s harmful effects are smaller. Also, it is compulsory to use sunscreen every time you sunbathing.

How to treat our skin after sunbathe? 

  1. Delicate cleaning, without scrubs

After sunbathe, our skin is sensitive, is easily irritated and  can be dehydrated. When you take a shower, use moisturizing lotions and shower oil that calm the skin after sunbathe. You can use natural oils like olive, almond etc oil. Apply it on your skin, leave it a couple of minutes, then rinse it with warm water.

Not recommended products: Exfoliating gels, gels or soaps that dry the skin;

  1. Avoid irritating cosmetic products

Because the skin is sensitive and dehydrated after sunbathe, is it not recommended to use cosmetic products that contain alcohol or perfume. Both alcohol and perfume are irritating and predispose the skin to dehydration. There are recommended to use hypoallergenic cream that are moisturizing the skin.

  1. Moisturizing lotion  “after sun”

Moisturizing lotion  “after sun” are specially designed to not contain alcohol or other irritating ingredients.  These lotions are richer in fat than the usual ones, restoring skin’s protective lipid film.

  1. Waxing after sun- recommended methods

After sunbathe, is not recommended remove your hair using wax, blade or any other method that involves compromising lipid film of the skin. You can use hair removal creams or foam, and then use moisturizer or soothing,  and refreshing sprays.[/expand]