Miracle Trick to Make Matte Nail Polish


What are you doing when you have just glossy nail polish and you want to wear matte nail polish? There is a simple answer: you will apply this miracle trick and you will transform the glossy nail polish into matte nail polish without spending any money.

There is a very simple procedure and you will be pleased by the result.

Matte nail polish is more and more in trend and every girl tried it at least one time because looks very interesting.

Miracle Trick to Make Matte Nail Polish

  1. Take you regular nail polish. Choose any colour you want
  2. Apply the first layer of nail polish on your nails.
  3. Meanwhile, pour water in a pot and boil it.
  4. After fist layer of nail polish in dried, apply another layer. Make sure you don’t miss any spots.
  5. Do not wait to dry. Put your hand over the pot to catch the steam. Keep your hand in the steam for 2-3 minutes.
  6. The steam should give your nails a matte effect. Be careful to keep your hands at a pretty big distance to not burn your skin.