What Does Your Lip-stick Shape Says About Your Personality


Women use lip-stick almost every day and we offer a lot of attention to our lips. I’m sure you noticed that when you constantly use a lip-stick, it takes a different shape. Have you ever wonder what does your lip-stick shape says about your personality? Find out more information about your personality in this article.

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In psychological terms, red is associated with warmth, positive energy, motivation, and many studies have shown that red is the color that excites our most intense emotions, triggering also strong feelings such as trust and ambition. Red lipstick in particular, was associated for many centuries with sensual woman.

But not matter what is the color you use, women adore lip-sticks. Study your lip-stick shape, compare it with the images, and find out new things about your personality.

  1. Conical shape

Either people love you very much, either they consider you a nasty person. But this thing does not bother you and even those who do not sympathize you, you are ready to support them. You’re a family woman who can not stand the solitude.

  1. Straight shape

Are you a person full of life, intelligent and cheerful, which makes you charming. You like to experiment, you’re a naturally curious person, always ready to learn something new. Therefore, when it comes to movies, you prefer documentaries. You can not stand to argue and try to bring the balance in any relationship.

  1. Round shape

You like to receive our guests, which is why living room is your favorite place in the house. You like to keep order and make the place extremely comfortable. You are very careful of your family. You cultivate your hobbies such as music, writing or painting.

  1. Almost identical as the original shape 

You are a conscientious person and since childhood and have done the best to follow the rules, many of them self-imposed. You not bear to disappoint or hurt someone. This empathy turned you into a very loved person and a reliable teammate.

  1. Slightly concave shape

Do not bother to get your hands dirty when it comes to fulfill your duties, especially that stand in your ambition to finish everything you start. Your curiosity has no limits and  you don’t fear to assume new responsibilities. That is why you always get what you want.

  1. Sharp angles shape

Smart and sexy you are flirting non-stop and this is why you often attract the envy of your friends. When you are going on a vacation you are willing to do different things rather than stay in a lounge chair in the sun. Some people see you confident and you  know your capabilities and you’re proud of them.[/expand]