How to unclog a sink without chemicals


The drain from the sink (or shower) will clog, no matter how careful you are to cleaning. The hair, dust and other residues are gathering inside. Over time, if you don’t unclog the drain, the water will not pass.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

I’ll give you some advice: don’t run fast at the supermarket to buy chemicals or I don’t know what a nice smelling substance. We are not sure of efficiency. In addition, the chemicals these substances release are toxic to the body.

If you want to successfully unclog the sink, the ingredients are in your house!

You need:

– 200 gr of salt;

– 200 ml of vinegar;

– 150 gr of baking powder;

– 500 ml of boiling water.

What should you do:

– mix the salt with baking powder;

– carefully pour the mixture into the sink;

– heat the vinegar, easy;

– pour the vinegar into the sink. Immediately there will be a normal chemical reaction that will promote the appearance of a foam.

– pour hot water into the sink. Defeat unclogging is guaranteed![/expand]