How to set a formal dinner table


Although we often take family meals, setting the table for a formal dinner can create some difficulties. The dishes are arranged according to a logical order, in the sense that the tableware is placed on the table from the outside to the inside, in the order in which we need them.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Tableware and dishes

Arrange the tableware on the table as soon as you placed plates and napkins. This way you can leave some distance between plate and cutlery.

In front of each chair, place a support plate. If salad is served at the table, it can be placed over the base plate or instead of the bread plate.

Place the forks on the left side of the plate, with the salad fork (shorter fork) on the left, followed by the fork for dinner, near the plate. On the right side of the plate place the knife, with the blade towards the plate. A teaspoon is placed next to the knife, followed by the soup spoon. In the end, the cutlery handles are aligned so that they are parallel and evenly spaced from each other.

Additional dishes

Place a plate of bread on the table in front of forks with a butter knife on top. There are glasses of different sizes that will be placed in the order of height from the largest to the smallest, starting from the right of the knife. The largest glass is water, followed by a glass of red wine and a glass of white wine or other alcoholic drinks. The side dish is placed on the left side of the salad fork.

Good to know

The table should never be filled with more utensils than is necessary at some point. Not more than three knives and three forks on each side of the plate should be placed on the table at the same time.

At dessert time, tableware can be placed in front of the support plate, horizontally. Place the fork with the ribs towards right and teaspoon towards left in front of the main dish, while the desert saucers sit on the right side of the table, only when sweets are served.

Finally, the seafood fork should be placed on the right side of the knife. If necessary, bring a bowl of water to the table if the is served fish at the dinner.[/expand]