How to remove wallpaper


Wallpaper is increasingly used in interior decoration. Success is primarily due to the technological advancement of printing. Today, a wide variety of new and traditional models are printed much easier, in a wide range of colors and textures.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

You want to apply a wallpaper, but are not you sure it’s worth it? Don’t be afraid of destroying the paint from the walls when you decide to remove it! We show you 4 safe ways to remove the wallpaper from the walls.

1. Spray water on the edge of the wallpaper and let it penetrate. Then remove the wallpaper from the edges with a plastic scraper. Be careful to start from the bottom of the wall and immediately remove the water drops!

2. Use a steamer. Approach the steam device on the wall on small portions, then remove the wallpaper carefully.

3. Moisten the wallpaper using vinegar. This way of removing wallpaper should be used when the adhesive is too strong.

4. Buy a solution to unglue the wallpaper. Be careful to follow the instructions exactly. This method applies if none of the methods presented above works.

Careful! Whichever method you apply, remember that you need to start from the bottom of the wall and to remove the drops and wallpaper immediately! This is how you avoid staining the wall. Good luck with that! Removing the wallpaper is not as difficult as it seems to be.[/expand]