How to remove red wine stains


If you stained your clothes, carpet or any other textile with red wine, don’t worry! You can remove the stains using different methods. No matter if there are old or fresh stains, we have very effective solutions for you![expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Red wine stains can be removed very easily, as follows:

1. Remove fresh stains
Apply a thick layer of salt to the stained area, completely covering the spots and let the salt work for an hour. This will absorb the wine and will be easily removed by brushing.

Pour the mineral water onto the stain and wait for the bubbles to disappear before pouring again until the stain disappears. Let the material dry.

Pour milk on the stain, let it work and clean the area with a kitchen towel or a paper towel. Don’t press, because the stain will penetrate even deeper into the fabric. The stain will disappear in less than an hour. Then wash the fabric regularly to remove the milk and smell.

Pour hot water over the stain in a sink until it disappears. Let the material dry.

2. Remove older stains
Apply shaving foam on an old wine stain and stretch it with a spoon. Then wash the material, and the stain will disappear by the miracle.

Pour vodka over the entire surface of the stain, cleaning it with a cloth, in the time. Let the vodka penetrate the material and the wine stain will disappear. Then wash the material, as usual.

Pour white wine over old red wine stains until it gets stuck in the material and they will disappear. Then wash the material, as usual.

3. Removal the stains usingĀ  cleaning products

Read the labels carefully before applying them on the fabric. Choose a safe product that doesn’t damage fabrics. Soak the stained material in hot water and squeeze it thoroughly before applying the cleaning product. Apply the cleaning product as indicated on the label.[/expand]