How To Get Rid Of A Headache Without Pills


A headache is very common and can ruin your whole day. Some compressions, massage or physical exertions can successfully replace analgesics, and they don’t have side effects. Today you will learn how to get rid of a headache without pills.

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1. Massage

Massage your forehead and temples, neck or shoulders. “You really feel better for a while, but it’s possible that the pain to come back,” explains Salwa H. Hanna, the founder of a Denver clinic dealing with headaches only.

Recent research has shown that migraines that have been “treated” for six weeks with special massage sessions have diminished their unpleasant effects and become less intense.

2. Twist your neck

Freeing from a headache can consist of a simple neck twisting on one side and the other. Tension accumulated in the neck muscles can lead to unpleasant pain.

The recommendation of the specialists is two sessions of such exercises per day for 20 minutes per session.

3. Physical movement

Headaches often occur because of the lack of physical activity, so the solution can be in the most common things we forget to do: walking or cycling, but also swimming can significantly reduce the frequency of headaches, according to the National Pain Foundation.

In a study published in Headache, patients who have been constantly riding for 12 weeks have greatly improved their quality of life, with migraines appearing less and less frequently.

4. Cold compresses

Sometimes applying cold compresses to the back of your neck can relieve you of pain. An important artery that supplies blood to the brain passes through that area. “Sometimes this artery is inflamed when you suffer from a migraine. Decreasing the temperature of the blood passing through that area allows for better circulation, and the pain will go away, “says Angela Messina, a doctor from Michigan, for

5. Avoid nitrates and nitrites

Caffeine, alcohol, phenylethylamine found in chocolate and cheese, tyramine found in nuts, meat, fermented cheese and soy etc.  all cause headaches.