How to clean your kitchen without chemicals


Cleaning products from the market are not always the best solution for maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen! Some products don’t clean in-depth objects full of dust, fat or limestone, cost a lot and contain toxic substances.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

If you’re tired of spending money on cleaning products and it’s not very clean in your kitchen, you now have a cheap, healthy and efficient alternative.

What do you need:

1. a sprayer (found in household utensils).

2. water;

3. vinegar;

4. a few milliliters of olive oil.


1. Pour water and vinegar into the sprayer.

2. Shake the composition for a few seconds.

3. Spray the substance obtained on the dirty surfaces. It can be a fridge, a sink, a table or other dirty objects.

4. Wipe the dirty surface very well with a towel or a soft cloth (to avoid scratches).

5. For extra brightness, soak a cloth in a little olive oil and wipe the already cleaned surface with it.[/expand]