How to choose plants for your bathroom


The bathroom is one of the places where you want to relax after a long and hard day. For great relaxing moments, you need comfort, both physically and mentally. And how to have a better image around, if not decorating the bathroom with the right flowers?[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

There are a number of plants that fit perfectly in the bathroom. Let’s read about them.

1. Orchid creates a beautiful decor in any bathroom. They are suitable for bathroom decoration because they prefer warmth and humidity. They don’t need too much sun, because they don’t prefer the direct light of the sun.

2. Ferns have the gift of invading space. Even without flowers, they are excellent as a decorative element, thanks to the leaves that grow very high.

3. Peace lily (Spathiphyllum). With its bush appearance, it impresses through the long, lance-shaped leaves. Also, the brilliant green will enjoy your eyes as you relax in the bathtub. It’s perfect for the bathroom because it needs abundant moisture, both in the soil and in the atmosphere.

4. Caladium is another suitable plant for your bath. It has marbled leaves and doesn’t need sun at all. Instead, it loves hot and humid air.

5. Goldfish (Columnea) grows ideally in warm, humid and airless places. The optimum temperature for the plant to be perfectly healthy is 12-15 degrees Celsius. Columnea blooms early March. It has flowers with a tubular shape, with variations of color between orange and red. Leaves are dark green and oval.

6. Cactus. It doesn’t need too much water. Moved in the bathroom will not be watered at all. It will take the necessary moisture from the water.

7. Bamboo will feel very good in your bathroom because it loves water and warmth. This plant is said that brings good fortune to its home.

8. Mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria) manages almost any kind of light and doesn’t need special soil. The moisture level in the bathroom will be enough to develop in harmony. Don’t wet it, if you keep it in the bathroom! Too much water will ruin its roots. Even if it is not pretentious, she prefers indirect light.

How to position the plants in the bathroom – Ideal places are those that allow plants to receive as much natural light as possible. The window sill and the inner edge of the bathroom are preferred. You can also hang them on a wall or place them on the ground.[/expand]