How to avoid ironing your clothes


Do you wear ironed clothes every day and you are not happy how your outfits look like? Do you leave your blouse on the hanger and find it in the morning on the floor? Do you want to change the outfit in the last minute and your clothes are not ironed?[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

From now on, you don’t have to worry anymore! There are a few tricks that help you to avoid ironing.

1. Steam from the electric kettle. An excellent method for delicate fabrics. Keep your wrinkled coat right on the steam. Soon, the wrinkles will disappear!

2. Steam from the shower. Also for delicate clothes, you can also use steam from the shower! It is not a joke! Put that clothing item on a hanger and hang it in the shower area. In 15-20 minutes, the clothes will look like new!

3. Wet towel. A very effective way for pants! Soak the towel in the water, squeeze it and apply it on the area where the clothes (for example, jeans) are wrinkled. Then put your clothes in the laundry dryer for 15 minutes on a medium program. Your jeans will look impeccable!

4. Hair dryer. Casual dresses can benefit from this simple method. Start the hair dryer and slowly pass it over the wrinkled dress. You don’t need to touch the material, just pass the instrument over it.

5. The hair straightener is effective in the case of shirts. Use it to remove the wrinkles formed on the collar, sleeves, or in the space between buttons. It’s a much faster method than the classic ironing!

These fast and simple tricks can be a lifesaver in many moments. You can use them with confidence and enjoy the results. You can share them with your friends and family. They will be happy to find out that in some moments can skip the ironing.[/expand]