Homemade multi-surface recipe to clean your home


House cleaning is a great challenge for anyone. Kitchen and bathroom are the places that should be constantly cleaned. And that’s why most of the people use chemical cleaning products, most of the time, without understanding that they are harmful to the human body.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Fortunately, there are natural alternatives for cleaning the dirt in the house. Today, I will present you a homemade mixture that leaves any surface in your house clean. This is a multi-surface recipe, that is made with natural ingredients and is very effective.

You need:

– 100 grams of baking soda;

– 100 ml of vinegar;

– 100 ml of lemon juice;

– 2 liters of water.


– pour all the ingredients in a container;

– stir well;

– let the mixture soothe. Don’t be afraid of the resulting chemical reaction. It’s a natural reaction that happens between baking soda and vinegar.

– transfer the mixture to a sprayer.

– apply the mixture on the dirty surfaces.

– let the substance act for about 15 minutes.

– gently rub with a sponge, then wipe with a dry cloth. Surface will look like new!

This recipe is an amazing alternative to the products from the market, especially if you have kids or pets.[/expand]