Homemade Cleansing Mask with Clay and Cocoa


You have to clean your skin every day, so I will suggest you a homemade cleansing mask with clay and cocoa that is very efficient.

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Green Clay (natural miracle) – is a great purifying agent that absorbs the excess of oil , toxic substances and impurities from the skin; tone, stimulate and repair skin cells; soothes inflammations.

White clay (kaolin) – will gently remove the impurities from the skin. Also, it cleanse and stimulate circulation; is suitable for all skin types; The regular use gives you a smooth, refreshing, clean skin. It has disinfecant proprieties  recommended for acne and redness.

Yogurt  serves to cleanse and moisturize.

Honey  is soothing, toning; clean pores, remove impurities.

Tree- tea essential oil has antibacterial  disinfectants, antiseptic, purifying, stimulant and tonic properties.


– 1.5 teaspoon green-clay;

– 1.5 teaspoon white clay;

– Cocoa (unsweetened and bio) – 1-2 teaspoons;

– ogurt;

– 1 teaspoon of honey ;

– Tea tree oil (or lavender essential oil) – 4 drops;

– orange juice.


Mix all ingredients until it forms a paste. Apply it on your faceand neck a thick layer. Avoid eye area and lips. Allow 10-15 minutes. It is important to prevent the mask to dry. If you do not have white clay (kaolin), you can only use green clay; but for dry skin, delicate and sensitive is advisable to use kaolin. Instead of orange juice can be used lemon juice, but in smaller amounts. Citrus fruits are irritants, so it is better to test before. This mask can be applied once a week. Rinse the skin with cold water in order to close the pores and  then uses a tonic.

I apply after this mask homemade tonic using:

– 100 ml of distilled water;

– 5 drops of tea tree oil[/expand]