Get Rid Of 5 kg in 5 days With Volumetrics Diet


The volumetrics diet is a weight loss plan for any person who wants to get rid of a few pounds. This diet helps you to get rid of 5 kg in 5 days and allows you to eat as much as you want, but the rule is to consume foods with low calorie percentage.

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The volumetrics weight loss diet was designed by Barbara Rolls, a nutrition professor at Pennsylvania University, America. She tried to find a compromise solution between weakness and satiety and to avoid the effect that most weight loss diets have: starvation!

The volumetrics diet menu will be based on foods rich in water and fiber. These help to install the feeling of satiety, to eliminate toxins and to lose weight.

The diet allows a daily caloric intake of about 1600 calories. It may vary depending on several parameters:

– age;

– height;

– level of activity;

– health condition;

– nutritional needs, etc.

Even it have a very low caloric intake, the foods that you will eat it will always be satious, so you will never feel hungry. Among the main foods that should be found in the daily menu are:

– fruits and vegetables with high water content: cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli;

– whole grain pasta and bread;

– low-fat dairy products: yogurt, salsa, cow’s cheese, etc .;

– vegetable soups;

– low fat flesh (chicken – no skin, beef, fish, etc.).

Besides the food itself, it’s recommended to consume at least 2 l of water daily.

Although the author of the diet doesn’t forbid the consumption of any particular food, it is important to avoid as much as possible fast food products, carbonated beverages or with commercial additives, sweets, which are hypercaloric and overwhelm the diet plan.[/expand]