How to Get Bigger Breast Naturally


To have a bigger breast is one of the most desired things nowadays. Probably many times you desired a bigger breast, but without to use chemical treatments or to do expensive surgeries. Fortunately, today you will find how to get bigger breast naturally.

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Worldwide, billions of women suffer from lack of self-confidence because of the believe that their breasts  don’t have adequate size and firmness. If you are part of them or you simply want to look better, try the tips below.

  1. Milk and Papaya Juice Shake

Studies shows that an excellent method to get bigger breast is to drink milk mixed with papaya juice. Vitamins from this shakes are responsible for this change, but only if you drink daily this shake. And best part is that it’s  very healthy and has a delicious taste.

  1. Increase dose of estrogen

Soy, dairy, flaxseed, barley and apples are foods that contain estrogen, which studies have shown that enhance breast size. Daily consumption of such foods should show you results after 12 months.

  1. Solutions based on plants

– fennel – rich in estrogen, is used for centuries to help breast growth.
– fenugreek – the key ingredient is diosgenin, a phytoestrogen that mimics the effects of estrogen.
– yamul wild (Wild Yam) – a root that grows in South America, is an excellent natural alternative for hormone therapy medication.

  1. Sport

Pectorals are located just below the breast tissue, and if you do exercises for that part of your body, you will have beautiful breasts and firm.

  1. Massage your breast

Breast massage is a very healthy and safe for a bigger breast. Rub your hands together until warm, then apply them on the breasts. With your right hand, make circular movements in clockwise and  with the left hand in the opposite direction. Make moves between 100 and 300 in the morning and after 30 days you will see the results.[/expand]