The Fastest Way to Lose Belly and Hips Fat


Fat in unaesthetic no matter the areas where is depositing on the body. Fighting against belly and hips fat is one of the hardest things. In this article you will find out the fastest way to lose belly and hips fat.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

But you also have to keep in mind that you have to make sport and have a suitable diet if you want to get rid definitely of belly and hips fat.

Scientists have revealed that belly and hips fat can be removed relatively easily by exposure to low temperatures. They accelerate fat burning by about 300%. Obviously, it is desirable to respect a healthy diet, in which will be eliminated sweets, pastries, fried foods and juices. However, any physical activity, even a daily walk for 40-45 minutes in a fast rhythm, will fasten the process of fat burning.

The Fastest Way to Lose Belly and Hips Fat

Scientists fromMaastricht University claim that fat burning can be stimulated  if you apply ice bags on targeted areas for 30-60 minutes. This process has to be repeated daily for two weeks.

In this way, skin temperature will drop, which will help transform white fat to brown fat, which is much more easier to be metabolised by the body. Although it helps to get rid very easy of the belly and hips fat, this method has a drawback: the risk of frostbite. To not experiencing this problem, remove the ice packages from your body from time to time.

Frostbites symptoms are redness and slight pain in the area where is the ice, tingling, numbness and blisters feeling. If you find that any of these symptoms, remove the packages of ice and cover your belly area with a blanket. Do not cover with anything warm and do not massage that area.[/expand]