Fabulous Natural Remedies For Dried And Cracked Hands


Dried and cracked hands can have many causes. In the cold season, cold and wind can dry the skin from your hands, leaving it rough and sensitive to touch. It is important to moisturise your hand properly and in this article you will find some great natural remedies for dried and cracked hands.

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It is hard to find a hand cream that deeply nourishes your skin. You don’t have to spend to much money trying to find the cream that will heal your hands skin and you can try to prepare these amazing natural remedies.

Fabulous Natural Remedies For Dried And Cracked HandsĀ 

  1. Prepare a paste with 1/2 of avocado, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of apple vinegar. Mix all the ingredients very well and apply the obtained paste on your hands. Leave it to act 15 minutes and then rinse it with warm water. You will notice that your skin is soft.
  2. Pour in a recipient water and apple vinegar and soak your hands in this mixture. Leave your hand to dry naturally. Apple vinegar helps in calming dry and cracked hands.
  3. Prepare a mixture with one egg yolk, lemon juice and one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply the mixture on your hand and stay like that for 15 minutes, then rinse your hands with warm water. This mask prevent the aging of hands and make them soft.
  4. Prepare your own hand cream – combine rose water with lemon juice and one tablespoon of glycerine. Massage your hands with this lotion.
  5. Prepare a cream with cucumber juice and glycerine and use it every night. This mixture will help you to properly nourish your skin.[/expand]