Do You Shave Your Pubic Hair?! If YES, Then You Must Read This!


Many women use razor blades as an epilation method. Their advantage is that they are very easy to use and doesn’t require much training. However, as in any other situation, where there are advantages, we also have to deal with disadvantages.

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The inguinal area is an extremely sensitive area of ​​our body, so we have to treat it very carefully, starting from the care products we use and continuing with the epilation methods we choose. In addition to the obvious disadvantage that hair grows faster and you risk hurting yourself if you are not careful, there are some very serious illnesses that you can do with the razor blade. Here are the main dangers you expose yourself when using the razor blade:

1. HPV virus

The HPV virus is a transmissible virus both through sexual contact and by using infected objects or utensils, such as razor blades. Every time you plan on using a razor blade, pull out a new one and be sure the no one use it before you. Also, don’t use a razor blade that has been stored for a long time in a wet environment, as it facilitates the development of bacteria on its surface.

2. Vaginal injuries

A study made at the University of California concluded that using razor blade increases the risk of vaginal injuries.

3. Molluscum contagiosum

This virus, like HPV, is a virus that is transmitted both by intimate contact and by using contaminated objects like razor blades. The incipient signs of contacting this virus are the appearance of reddish and swollen spots that can develop and can reach up to 5mm in diameter.

4. Staph infections

These infections occur mainly due to the use of razor blades that are not clean. If you keep your blade in the bath, exposed to steam and moisture, you risk to appear rust on its surface. If you use a rusted shaving blade, you risk making such an infection that needs to be treated very carefully.

5. Folliculitis

Frequent use of the shaving blade can lead to the appearance of folliculitis. This is an infection at the root of the hair, an infection that can then spread to the rest of the body.