Best Program for a ROUND BUTT AT HOME


Every girl desire to look perfect for the summer and also to have a round and beautiful butt. There are many exercises to obtain a round butt at home, but not all of them are very effective. Today I will present you a program for a round butt at home that will help you to have the perfect butt.

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It is important to be persevering and work constantly. Also, you have to be aware of what you are eating. Before you start these exercises, I recommend you to warm your muscles.

The exercises from this program are divided in 2 groups. Do every exercise for 1 minute.  In order to see good results, you have to repeat the program minimum 2 times in a week ( ideal would be 3 times per week).


– 1 minute of jump squats

– 1 minute of back lunges with leg lifting to your chest ( 30 seconds for every leg)


– 1 minute of ” skater” exercises. Stay straight, lift your leg and start to draw semicircles

– 1 minute of horizontal lunges. Make sure when you execute the lunge, thee feet should form an angle of 90 degrees. Push the heel and foot. You should not feel pressure on your knees, but you should feel the buttocks and thighs work


– 1 minute  of sumo squats. This is a squat with legs far beyond the shoulders. You should keep the tips directed at about 45 degrees. Let yourself down until your thighs reach at least at parallel  level to the ground

– 1 minute of lifting your leg behind, while you are staying in your knees. Tighten your abs and buttocks  while doing this exercise


– 1 minute of “sitting” on the wall. It is an exercise of balance that will activate the buttocks and thighs. You’ll feel them burn and you will feel how your muscles contract. It is one of the most effective exercises

– 1 minute of butt lifting in Pilates style. Stay on your back. Keep your back on the ground and lift your butt. You can keep both legs on the ground or you can execute this exercise by lifting one leg.[/expand]