A Beauty Marvel Hidden In Your Olive Oil Bottle


Women who live in the Mediterranean area know very well how the use of olive oil is a strategic beauty ally for them. In fact, they have been using this precious natural ingredient for centuries and they know how the use of olive oil can improve the appearance of skin just because it helps the skin to be healthier.

Health is synonymous of beauty when it comes to skin. Olive oil is traditionally made of squeezed olives and it is therefore extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, which are a great boost for the skin. Let’s look at how many different ways you will be able to enjoy this precious beauty marvel, which you already have right there, in your olive oil bottle:

A Beauty Marvel Hidden In Your Olive Oil Bottle


  1. If the skin on your hands feels dry and irritated because of cold weather or detergents when you do the washing, then olive oil is going to become your best friend. To heal irritated skin, just put few drops of a good quality natural olive oil on your hands’ palm and massage it as if you would with hand cream.
  2. Beneficially penetrate the dry skin and leave you with a great feeling of relief and softness. In case the smell of olive oil does not appeal too much to you, you can mix few drops of lemon with oil and just do exactly the same. The smell of fresh lemon will enhance the whole experience. Do this before going to bed.
  3. The final secret touch is that you will need to wear a pair of pure cotton gloves throughout the night to protect your skin until oil is completely absorbed. Your hands will look great in less than a fortnight!


  1. Healthy lips are what people see when you smile and cold weather can seriously damage the soft and delicate lip area. So here you have another great use of olive oil to have great looking, soft and smiley lips.
  2. Take a cotton bud and pour just one drop of olive oil on its tip, then carefully apply to the lips, as if you would with any lip-gloss you already have. Your lips will immediately feel the soothing of olive oil nourishing properties and your cracked lips will heal in a very short time plus they will look much, much healthier.