How to Apply Makeup According to Your Face Shape


To create a perfect look, it is important to take into consideration the shape of your face and specific features of each face, such as eye color and skin tone or hairstyle. In this article you will find out 4 models of make-up depends on your face shape.

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The secret is the technique of contouring or makeup concealer, whose aim is to highlight the most attractive features of you face and to camouflage imperfections using lights and shadows. How do you know what is your face shape? Here are some recommendations and make-up ideas if you an elongated, round, heart-shaped or triangular shape.

Make-up for round face

  1. Face contour: To obtain a bronzed look, choose two shades of foundation, one that match with your skin color and the other one a darker tone. The darker foundation will outline the forehead, chin and neck.
  2. Eyebrows:Ideally, eyebrows will be angular, not round.
  3. Blush:It is recommended to apply a 45 degree angle ( following the line of the cheek)
  4. Expressive eyes: makeup should to be a strong one to create the illusion of depth. Smokey eyes technique can be adapted to any look, using several shades of the same colors (avoid black).

Make-up for elongated face

  1. Face contour:After applying makeup base (foundation, concealer, powder), apply a matte brown powder, 1-2 shades darker than your skin, in the top of the forehead, temples, and the jaw line. Make the application with circular movements in order to soften colors and to create a natural look.
  2. Highlight cheekbones: try a pink or bronze blush and apply it horizontally (from the apples of your cheeks to extremities)
  3. Elongated eyes: highlight your eyes by applying make-up on your eyelid using tones of beige, brown, then drawing a line using black ink and applying false eyelashes.
  4. Seductive Lips: to balance the facial structure, it is recommended to highlight your lips using a pencil to outline them and deep red lipstick.

Make-up for heart- shaped face

  1. Face contour:on the clean and moisturized face, apply your foundation and highlight the temples using a brown and matte powder.
  2. Eyes: are preferred pale (pink, purple, gold) colors for eyes. Do not draw the attention to the upper zone of the face. You should avoid to draw lines using ink or dark colors.
  3. Lips: use a pink gloss or a lipstick
  4. Natural cheekbones: it’s not recommended the blush, nor shadow illuminator, because it draws attention and the cheeks are already well highlighted.[/expand]