Amazing way to remove negative energy from your home


The things are not going well in your life? Do you get sick very fast? Do you have financial problems? It is very possible that the place where you work (where you live) is filled with negative energies that block your ability to overcome problems.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Some do not believe in energies, either it’s about it positive or negative energies. True, these energies are not palpable, cannot be seen, but they can be felt and shouldn’t be ignored by anyone!

Negative energies usually affect people with a high level of sensitivity. How? Simple enough. It is enough that your workplace or home is repeatedly visited by people with negative attitudes. If you feel like this negative energy destroy your soul and mood, apply this method of fighting against it.

– just sprinkle a little salt in a corner of the room where you spend more time.

– let the salt work for 24 hours.

– after the salt has done its job, sweep it to the exit of the room, and when you get under the holster, pass it on the dustpan (don’t put it directly on the dustpan from the corner of the room), taking care to be completely removed from the room where you sleep.

– after you have swept the salt, don’t throw it into the garbage, but in the water of the toilet bowl.

– repeat the procedure for each room, until the negative energies are completely thrown away.

Explanation: the energy extracted by the salt is dissipated when it comes into contact with water. This is a very simple, and cheap way to remove negative energy in only 24 hours. Of course, there are many methods to remove it.

You can also remove negative energy from your body, using salt as well. Just pout one kilogram of salt in the bathtub and stay in the salty water for 20 minutes. You will feel amazing![/expand]