9 Things you should never put in the microwave


The microwave is famous for its ability to heat food. But, you must know that you can’t put anything inside the microwave. There are products and materials that can dirty or even damage it.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

1. Chilli peppers –  Don’t put them in the oven! They’ll fire, and when you open the oven, released chemicals will irritate your eyes and burn your throat. Don’t play with that!

2 Eggs –  The inside temperature favors egg production. Basically, it will explode quickly and will get dirty the whole oven.

3. Plastic casseroles (especially thin) – Avoid heating in plastic recipients because of toxic fumes. If, however, you risk heating your food in plastic recipients, do it at least in thicker recipients. Otherwise, you will also eat plastic!

4. Metal plates – Metal should never be in the microwave. Heats up and sparks. The oven will malfunction. Take good care of the porcelain plates that might have metal.

5. Fruits – Some fruits don’t stand strong heat and will explode!

6. Aluminum foil – Any metal, including aluminum foil, can destroy your microwave oven. Maybe even a fire may be triggered.

7. Thermos cups – If are made of stainless steel, it will block the heat (which will no longer reach coffee or tea) and will destroy your oven.

8. Any container with hermetic closure. Whatever you heat in the oven, don’t put the lid on it!

9. Empty oven. Even if you don’t put anything in the microwave and start the heating while it is empty, it is not good. Because there is no food to absorb the microwaves, they can destroy the oven.

In order to protect your health, it’s advisable to follow these tips. In this way, you can also avoid some unexpected accidents and you can also save the money for a new microwave in case you destroy it. Hope this information it’s useful![/expand]