7 Quick And Natural Treatments That Repair Your Nails


If you crave for long and beautiful nails, while yours are breaking and fall off very easy, then it is time to act. Your nails need help, and the best ally are the natural treatments. With the help of the natural ingredients that we have in the kitchen, we can get the nails that you dream of.

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1. Olive oil – Olive oil is one of the ingredients that you certanly have home. And must not use it only in salads, it helps your nails. Rub them every night with olive oil. Will thank you! You can also make hot baths in olive oil mixed with vitamin E (hold nails at least 15 minutes in the mixture).

2.Vitamin E – Another effective treatment is vitamin E. Every night before bed, coat each nail with vitamin E. Spread  vitamin E capsule and massage nails . You will get some stronger and hydrated nails.

3.Honey and almond oil – Honey is very effective for brittle nails. Mix honey with almond oil. Cream resulting from this mixture is ideal for your nails but also for the skin of your hands. For effective action, you can leave this cream to work all night. Do not forget to cover your hands with a pair of gloves.

4. Argan oil and lemon – Another oil that you should always have it in the house is argan oil. Ideal for any beauty treatment, argan oil is beneficial for brittle nails. Helps fortify them and protect them. Mix lemon juice with argan oil and brush nails for a week, before going to bed.

5. Egg and Honey – How about a mixture of olive oil, egg yolk and honey? Ideal for soft and thin nails. Keep nails in this mixture for 10 minutes, then rinse them with warm water. You can replace the olive oil and castor oil.

6.Glycerol for strong nails – A half teaspoon of glycerin do wonders for your nails.  Dissolve glycerin in a glass of hot water. After cooling, keep your nails in gelatin for 15 minutes. Use this treatement  3 times per week.

7. Diet, very important for your nails – Strength of your nails depends on your diet. A proper diet rich in vitamins and minerals will help you to have perfect nails. Your menu have to  include food rich in protein, calcium, vitamin A, C and E. Specifically, you have to eat meat, fish, seafood, eggs, milk, nuts, liver, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, beans, peas, lentils. Do not forget about vitamin supplements.[/expand]