7 Mistakes You’re Making When Brushing Your Hair


It’s not so easy to take care of our hair and it takes a lot of time to make it look beautiful. We have to wash it, to brush it correctly,to dry it, to dye it and many other processes. Moreover, we have to spend money at hair salon, much more money than men.

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Every time we confront with different problems with our hair: oily hair, hair loss, hair without volume, dried hair, etc. It not first time when you change your shampoo or different hair product, but the problem still persist. Have you ever wondered that the way you brushing your hair can cause some hair problems?

In this article you will find out about 7 mistakes you’re making when brushing your hair. From now on, you will be more careful and you will notice that a part of your hair problems will disappear.

 7 Mistakes You’re Making When Brushing Your Hair

You are brushing your hair from the roots to ends –  You start from the roots and pull the brush to ends and force them to unravel. This procedure remove the hair from the follicle and hair brush will be filled with hair. Instead, start brushing your hair from the ends to roots.

You are brushing your hair when is wet – The hairs are now full of water, making them to lie. Because they are thinner, the risk of breaking is much higher. Wait to dry your hair before you brush it.

You use a thick brush when you are brushing your hair – It is recommended to use a comb with big teeth.

You use an unsuitable brush – Natural bristle brushes are much kinder to your hair than those with synthetic bristles. There are much better to distribute natural oils on the entire length of the hair.

You use a dirty brush – You should clean your brush one time per week. When you brush your clean hair with a dirty brush, you apply the dirt on your hair.

You make it seem electrified hair – If you brush your hair too often you can make it seem electrified due to friction. Before you brush, spray a little hairspray on your brush or put a few drops of oil on fingers and move them through the hair.[/expand]