5 Make-up Mistakes That Make You Look Older


Has it happened to you to look through old photos from high school or college, and wonder what it was in your mind when you wore so much make-up? You learn the technique of make-up in time and is important to learn from your old  make-up mistakes and do not repeat them in the present.

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You can apply many make-up tips & tricks to look younger, skinnier etc, but also you can make some make-up mistakes that can make you look older. In this article you will read about 5 make-up mistakes that make you look older with 5 years and how to avoid them.

Every morning before you go out, you do your make-up. Day by day you improved your make-up method and you became more handy. I’m sure that from now on you will have the perfect make-up and you will always look young and beautiful.

5 Make-up mistakes that make you look older with 5 years

  1. You use too much foundation cream or the wrong color

One of the big make-up mistakes is when you apply a thick layer of foundation on your face, will create lines on the skin and will alleviate natural brightness. When you buy a new foundation, hesitate the products that say “mat”, “velvety” or “long lasting” and choose a liquid formula with illuminating pigments. if you have dry skin, the foundation may look patchy and may accentuate the pigmentation spots. In this case use a scrub 2-3 times per week. Also, it is very important to use the right color for your skin. Apply the foundation cream also on the neck to avoid the ” mask” look.

  1. You use black eyeliner in the daytime

The rule is simple: dark colors make things smaller, and light colors make things bigger. It’s a make-up mistake when you use black eyeliner in the daytime. Use other colors during the day.

  1. You use eyebrow pencil

Another of the make-up mistakes is if you use eyebrow pencil ( especially in other color that your eyebrows are) you risk to look like a weird paint. Many women use eyebrow pencil to make their eyebrows to look richer. It is recommended to give up on eyebrow pencil and to use instead  eye shadow in the color of your eyebrows. The effect you be more natural.

  1. Too contoured lips, or too dark lipstick

A big  make-up mistake is when you use a darker shade of lip pencil than your lipstick. Do not forget that a darker color makes a surface to look smaller. If you want to make your lips look bigger, use light or transparent shades of lipstick.

  1. You use mascara on the bottom lashes.

If you use mascara on your bottom lashes, you risk to look tired and weepy. If you will use mascara just on the upper lashes, you will look young and beautiful.[/expand]