5 Best ARMS EXERCISES For Women and Men


Summer is here and not only abs and butt has to looks good. Arms are very important. I know that men are paying more attention to work their arms, but women should also be more interested in this. With time passing women will see bad effects if they will not work their arms.

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In this article you will find the best arms exercises , both for women and men. These arms exercises will work the most important muscles that compose the arm (triceps and biceps), but also the shoulders (deltoids).

It is very important to work your shoulders too because, as you know, it will look funny some developed and defined arms without shoulder on their measure. Are your arms prepared for summer? If not, start now!

5 Best arms exercises  for women 

Every women desire long, thin and toned arms. Because women’s organism do not produce testosterone, these exercises will not form you big muscles. In order to see good results, I recommend you to execute these exercises 3 sets x 12-15 repeats.

– pushups between 2 parallel banks


– alternately flexion of the arms with dumbbells 

– concentrated Hammer Curls  with a dumbbell

– Six-Way with dumbbells

5 Best arms exercises for men

Men are divided in 2 parts: those who desire massive arms and those who want toned and defined arms. If you include these exercises in your program, you will be pleased by the results indifferently in what camp you are. Execute the exercises  with your own weight 4 sets X 20-25 repeats and the exercises with weights 4 sets X 8-12 repeats.

– Pushups using parallels

– Diamond pushups

– Traction using a bar

– Arms flexion using Z bar

– Pushes from the breast using Z bar[/expand]