4 Ways to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew


I’m sure it happened to you at least one time to have a bottle of wine you would like to drink, but you didn’t have a corkscrew. Here are some ways to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew:[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

A. With the help of tools in the house:

a. Use a patent with a sharp tip
– Insert the tip of the patent in the cork, taking care that half of it stays out.
– Use the handles of the patent to remove it, and the cork will come out with it.

b. Use a penknife
– Insert the knife blade into the wine bottle stopper using a little pressure.
– Spin the cork with the help of your penknife. Repeat the movements until you can remove it.

B. By pushing the cork:
– Drill the cork. This will help release the pressure when you push it.
– Place the bottle on the floor or on a flat surface.
– Push the cork into the bottle with a strong object such as a spoon handle or fork, or anything else. Take care not to stain with wine when the cork goes into the bottle.

If you use a key to push the cork, insert it between the bottle and cork, releasing the pressure gradually until it goes into the bottle.

C. Using a hammer:
– You need 3-5 short nails and a nail hammer. The nails must penetrate completely into the cork.
– Using the hammer, insert the nails into cork as close as possible to form a line.
– Use the thin part of the hammer and thumb as a support point.
– Grab the nails with the hammer and remove the cork from the bottle.

D. Using a scissor:
– You need a small scissor, used by children.
– Open the scissor and insert one of the blades into the middle of the cork.
– Carefully apply a small pressure and push the scissor blade to the half of the cork.
– Spin the scissor handles while pulling the stopper, and it will come out with the scissors blade.[/expand]